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Dental Distortions

Orc FX Teeth



ORC FX Fangs 2.0

Orc are new this year! They are going to be popular with the LARPers and Cosplayers. Our new FlexForm material allows us to construct a veneer that is even thinner than before

FX Fangs are veneer style special effect costume teeth that cover only the front of your teeth. FX Fangs are made using only the highest quality materials and they are designed to be ultra-realistic. Absolutely the best vampire fangs and monster teeth for Halloween, cosplay, stage and screen!

How do they fit?
We provide you with a high-quality, low-melt thermoplastic which softens in hot water and anchors the veneer shell to your teeth. The fitting process takes 20 minutes to obtain a fit that will last all season.
Each set comes with enough fitting plastic for a complete fit and photographic instructions.

Do not use over braces or other dental work.

Fitting Instruction:


Movie Quality Fake Teeth.

Orc FX Teeth


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