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Rubber Johnnies is a registered Trademark.

If you wish to use our masks as part of any event or production where there is a financial incentive or gain, please ensure you simply credit Rubber Johnnies Masks.

If being used in video footage please credit ‘Rubber Johnnies Masks’ or ’’ either within your credits, or as part of a video description if the video is uploaded to websites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

If the mask is being used as part of an acting performance or theatre production please credit within any publications or brochures produced.

You may not use the mask as a mascot or as an addition to advertising other products, services, pieces of work or projects without written permission from Celtic Dragon Trading Ltd. It is not acceptable to make alterations to the mask to attempt to disguise the original copyrighted work.

We actively encourage our masks to be used in video, photographs and drama so please share our masks with your friends, family and the world!

If you have any queries please email us at


Call Us at +442890388389

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