About Us

Rubber Johnnies specializes in the design & manufacture of premium-quality latex masks, costumes and movie props. We are well known for supplying the TV, Movie, & Theatre industries, around the world. 
We have supplied masks and weapons for Disney, Universal Studios, Blumhouse, and the Warner Bros TV Series, Pennyworth, to name a few.

Rubber Johnnies is located in Ireland and all of our products are shipped straight from our warehouses in Ireland or Chicago. Our products are carefully created and tested to ensure quality. Discover our wide range of horror themed masks, celebrity masks, cartoon masks, movie props, weapons, tools and Costumes.

We aim to provide premium products without breaking the bank. Browse our collections now and discover amazing picks with the best prices only here at Rubber Johnnies.

Got an idea for a mask design? We can make it for you!

All we need is clear and detailed artwork files, or a few very close up and clear pictures of the various angles of the ‘face’ or ‘figure’ you want. 

Prices start from £180 upwards, which gets you 3 samples of the mask included.

The Rubber Johnnies & Fits Like A Glove Trademarks are the property of Celtic Dragon Trading Ltd.

Celtic Dragon Trading LTD,  sources from Asia & imports a wide variety of products for customers throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe.

We have bases in Northern Ireland, Chicago, Guangzhou, and Yiwu China.